Mark Reed Hospital

Mark Reed Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital with 24 hour Emergency Services (including laboratory and x-ray), seven days a week. Our hospital is unique due to our size and accessibility. We are able to keep our Emergency Room wait times to about 15 minutes on average, as opposed to the norm of 4 to 6 hours in larger facilities. This may fluctuate depending on the volume of patients and the types of injuries of our emergency patients, but usually we are able to process patients much quicker than other area hospitals. Often times patients with minor injuries can be treated and back home in less time than it would take to wait to see an emergency physician in a larger hospital.

Since we are a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) we have the ability to stabilize critically injured patients and transport them to larger trauma facilities by either ambulance or helicopter. Stopping at Mark Reed for stabilization has been instrumental in saving the lives of heart attack and stroke victims and those involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Mark Reed Helicopter Transportation

We encourage feedback from our patients. If you visit our facility, please ask for a Patient Feedback Form and let us know what impressed you with your visit and what things we could have done differently to make your experience at Mark Reed better. Our Quality Program Manager personally reviews all feedback and reports the data monthly to our CEO and Board of Commissioners. For more information on Quality, visit the link on the left of the page.